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Collective call taxi (AST)

Outside of our normal journey times, you can use the AST in the city of Celle. The AST travels according to a timetable and will even take you to your front door. Order your journey 45 minutes before departure time and get to your destination at a reasonable price. 05141 6393 Where is your journey going? Have these things ready when you order: Name with address Telephone number Line number Day and time Start and destination stop Persons This is what it costs 4 zones - core area, local area, long-distance area and long-distance area 2 Although it sounds confusing, we have a description for you here. You can easily calculate the cost by only paying for what you pass through. 1 - 2 zones: €3.60 3 zones: €4.40 4 zones: €5.10 Your advantage: If you have a monthly, weekly or season ticket, you only have to pay €2.80 per journey. The same applies to children and severely disabled persons with authorisation. This is how it works at a glance 1. find your journey The AST runs according to a timetable. You can find all journeys in this overview. 2. register your journey request at our AST centre at least 45 minutes before departure. 3. pick up Let us pick you up conveniently at the stop at the departure time shown in the timetable and take you to your front door. Download the AST flyer

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