Network ticket 3-6-5

Flexible: mobile 365 days a year across our entire route network

With the 3-6-5 network ticket, you are not only ready to go to school or your place of training, but also during your free time and holidays on the entire CeBus network every day - for a whole year. 

In order to get the ticket, you must fulfil one of these requirements:

  • Pupils, without Annual student ticket
  • Apprentices
  • Graduates of voluntary services (FSJ, FÖJ, FWJ, BFD)
  • Students

You can order the 3-6-5 network ticket online via our Online ticket portal. The ticket costs 360 euros per year, which is payable once. However, you can also choose to pay semi-annually or quarterly, in which case an additional processing fee of 12 euros or 24 euros will be charged.

Important: If you are 15 years or older, you will need proof of eligibility, which must be confirmed by your school or training institution. You can download the form for this here download and print.

Questions & answers about your Netzticket 3-6-5

  • Pupils
  • Apprentices
  • Graduates of the Federal Voluntary Service (FSJ, FÖJ, BFD, FDAG)
  • Students

Important: From the age of 15, proof from the educational institution is required. You can find the form here.

The network ticket is an annual pass. You can order it via our Ticket portal. This should be done by the 20th of the following month (example: if you want the ticket on 1 May, you must order it by 20 April).

When paying, you can choose between an annual, semi-annual or quarterly direct debit via SEPA direct debit.

We charge a processing fee for semi-annual and quarterly payments. For these two payment options, personal data is transmitted to a credit agency for a credit check. The result of the check is stored for a maximum of 6 months in compliance with data protection regulations. Alternatively, a one-off advance payment can be made.

No, unfortunately this is not possible. The contract for the 3-6-5 network ticket can only be concluded via our Ticket portal be finalised.

No, as the Netzticket 3-6-5 is personalised with your photo, you cannot pass it on.

From the age of 15, you must present a certificate from your school, training company or other educational institution when ordering. You can find the form to print out here.

No, the ticket is only valid for you alone.

Yes, the ticket is valid 365 days a year. You are also mobile on our entire route network during your holidays!

The regular fares and conditions apply on the AST. Unfortunately, the ticket is not valid here. BUT you don't need to buy another ticket for the call line journeys, the 3-6-5 network ticket is valid as a ticket.

Yes, the 3-6-5 network ticket is also valid on the public bus.

You cannot take your bike with you free of charge. You must buy a separate ticket for this. Your e-scooter is transported free of charge as long as it is folded up.

Early cancellation is only possible if you move out of our transport area or if you lose your entitlement. All other reasons will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Annual student ticket

Ready to go: your bus ticket to school is safe

The school year ticket is valid for the entire school year. Even during the summer holidays, you can use the ticket as often as you like on our entire route network!

The district of Celle will determine whether you are entitled to an annual student ticket and whether the costs will be covered. If this is the case, your ticket will be given to you by your school at the beginning of the school year.

If you live in the city or attend a vocational school (BBS) and have not received an annual ticket, you can check whether you are also entitled to one. Register here:

County of Celle 
School transport 
Speicherstraße 2
29221 Celle

Don't have a claim? No problem!

If you still want to travel to school by bus at a reasonable price, we have our Network ticket 3-6-5 on offer. You also get the ticket as an annual ticket, which is valid 365 days a year. You only pay 360 euros per year = 30 euros per month = less than 1 euro per day! Are you curious?

Of course, our monthly and weekly student tickets are still available.

Weekly & monthly student tickets

Occasionally: If you are not travelling by bus all the time

Do you only want to travel by bus in bad weather or in winter? Then our weekly and monthly student tickets are just right for you and a good alternative to the Network ticket 3-6-5.

The tickets are purchased for a specific route and are valid for one month (1st - 30th/31st) or week (Mon - Sun) - with start or destination Celle even in the whole city.

To be able to buy a student ticket, you must fulfil one of the following conditions: 

  • Pupils, without Annual student ticket
  • Apprentices
  • Graduates of voluntary services (FSJ, FÖJ, FWJ, BFD)
  • Students

ImportantIf you are older than 15, you need an authorisation card. This must be confirmed by your school or training centre. You can obtain an authorisation card from our Advance booking officesthe driving personnel or in our Administration.

We recommend you buy your student ticket in one of our Advance booking offices to get your ticket. There you can get your ticket in comfort and at the same time help our drivers to keep to the timetable without stress 🙂