(Bus) advertising with CeBus

Your advertising on tour in or on our buses

You can be sure of attention: transport advertising on buses is large-scale, memorable, permanent, constantly present, always in the spotlight and doesn't end up in the bin. Transport advertising is mobile, can be used regionally, is unobtrusive and inexpensive, raises awareness quickly, brings success and increases YOUR turnover!

Increase the regional reach of your company!

This allows you to get your advertising message across more effectively and reach your target group directly! Transport advertising is the third-largest revenue driver with annual sales of € 76 million in the outdoor advertising sector. Mobile advertising accounts for 12.5 % of total industry turnover. Advertise your product or company in our transport area! Outdoor advertising on our vehicles is not only inexpensive compared to an advertising pillar, but can also be seen everywhere in the region. Other providers will find it difficult to offer you an advertising space directly in front of the railway station, from which streams of commuters pour out, or in the middle of a road junction in the heaviest rush-hour traffic!

Are you interested? Contact the HTM!

HTM Hanse Traffic Media GmbH

Wedemarkstraße 79a
30900 Wedemark

The ticket for your employees: Deutschlandticket Job

Support your employees in reaching their workplace in a climate-friendly way by offering them the job ticket for the Germany ticket as a benefit.

The price of the Jobticket is 5% cheaper than the regular Deutschland-Ticket with the same fare conditions, so it is also valid for regional and local transport by bus and train throughout Germany.
We currently offer the Jobticket as a mobile phone ticket via the FahrPlaner app. Users must download the app and create an account.
As an employer, you pay an amount that you can choose yourself, but it must be at least 25%.
You enter into a co-operation agreement with us, and the billing takes place between you, as the employer, and us. The costs that remain for the employees are passed on as part of payroll accounting.

If you are interested in offering your employees a Jobticket, simply send us an e-mail. We will be happy to advise you and answer any questions you may have.