EasyShuttle takes you further: in the evening hours in Lachendorf, Flotwedel and Wathlingen

After our project "Late shift" - an evening bus service between Celle, Wathlingen and Hambühren - was successfully established, we launched the "EasyShuttle" has launched another project.

EasyShuttle" - what exactly is that? EasyShuttle is an on-demand service and a supplement to bus transport. It's like a taxi that picks you up and drops you off without a fixed timetable or route, for example to get from A to B after work or in your free time.

The EasyShuttle has been on the road for you since 16 October. From Monday to Friday between 8 pm and 1 am and on Saturdays between 7 pm and 1 am, within the following areas:

  • Lachendorf - Ahnsbeck - Bunkenburg - Jarnsen - Beedenbostel - Celle
  • Wathlingen - Eicklingen - Bröckel - Wienhausen

Here is an exampleYou can combine the late-night service on line 600 between Celle and Wathlingen with EasyShuttle from Wienhausen, Eicklingen or Bröckel by using the EasyShuttle between your home and Wathlingen and line 600 between Wathlingen and Celle.  

Or you can use EasyShuttle to flexibly plan your journeys to and from Celle from the towns in the service area in and around Lachendorf.

How can you book your EasyShuttle via app and what other information is available? Find out more here: INFORM NOW