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EasyShuttle is your on-demand service and a pilot project in areas of the joint municipalities of Lachendorf, Flotwedel and Wathlingen.

Let EasyShuttle pick you up and drop you off. EasyShuttle will drive you at the regular CeBus fare plus a 1 euro comfort surcharge. All you need: the EasyShuttle app and a valid CeBus ticket or Deutschlandticket (here go to our D-Ticketshop).

Get the app!

It's easy: download the EasyShuttle app and get ready for your journey - quickly and easily!

Alternatively, you can also use your EasyShuttle by telephone book.


Service area

  • Area 1: Celle/Schlossplatz, Lachendorf, Ahnsbeck, Bunkenburg, Jarnsen and Beedenbostel
  • Area 2: Wathlingen, Eicklingen, Bröckel and Wienhausen

Please note:

The EasyShuttle will take you either within area 1 or area 2. Journeys from one area to the other are not possible.

Service times

Mon - Fri from 8 pm - 1 am

(not on Sundays and public holidays)

Sat from 7 pm - 1 am

(not on Sundays and public holidays)

Without pre-booking

(up to 7 days in advance)

It's that simple

1. download app

Download the Download app and register.

2. select journey

Enter your start and destination address and when you want to set off. Either the start or destination must be an existing stop.

3. get in and drive off

We will pick you up: at the agreed time at the meeting point.

Do you have any questions or want to tell us something?

Journey bookings can be made here not possible - Get the app in your App Store or Google Play Store

TIP: Take a look at our FAQs (questions and answers) below, maybe your question is also included.

Write to us - your feedback is important to us! Are you satisfied? In order to further develop the EasyShuttle service, we welcome every opinion, experience and suggestion.

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Booking by telephone

You can book your EasyShuttle by phone using the number below.

FAQs - Questions and answers

EasyShuttle is a flexibly bookable shuttle service (on-demand transport) that you simply book by app or phone when you need it. EasyShuttle takes you from place to place in a specific area without a fixed timetable or route. Either the start or destination must be an existing stop.

You can choose your journey in the following areas of the joint municipalities of Lachendorf, Flotwedel and Wathlingen:

  • Wathlingen - Eicklingen - Bröckel - Wienhausen
  • Lachendorf - Beedenbostel - Jarnsen - Bunkenburg - Ahnsbeck - Celle

EasyShuttle only drives you within an area. Journeys from one area to another are not possible.

You can book the service from Monday to Friday from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. the following day and on Saturdays from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. the following day. Public holidays, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve are excluded.

The CeBus fares and fare conditions apply. You pay the regular fare for a single, 4-seater or season ticket, plus a convenience surcharge of 1 euro per person and journey. 

If you travel frequently with EasyShuttle and are a season ticket holder, you can buy a weekly ticket for 5 euros or a monthly ticket for 15 euros for the convenience surcharge via the app.

The Deutschlandticket is valid, you only have to pay the comfort surcharge of 1 euro.

A disabled person's pass with a current token is valid, you only have to pay the comfort surcharge of 1 euro.

The Niedersachsen-Ticket is valid, you only have to pay the comfort surcharge of 1 euro.

When booking via the app, you can choose between PayPal, credit card and SEPA direct debit for payment or you can top up your account with credit by bank transfer. Otherwise, you can also pay cash to the driver.

You have the option of buying credit packs of 5, 10 or 20 euros. The credit packages can also be paid for simply by bank transfer to:

Account holder: CeBus GmbH & Co. KG
Bank: Sparkasse Celle-Gifhorn-Wolfsburg
 IBAN: DE84 2695 1311 0000 1809 35
Purpose: "EasyShuttle" + your name

You can easily book your journey via the EasyShuttle app, which you have previously downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store.

There is no deadline for registration. When you make your booking enquiry, you will be informed immediately of the possible departure time at the start and the arrival time at the destination. You can then decide whether you would like to take the trip.

If you have to keep an appointment at your destination or have a connecting journey, enter the required arrival time in the booking enquiry.

You can book your journey via the app up to seven days in advance.

If you have booked a journey via the app, you can also use it to cancel it. If you have booked a journey by phone, you can cancel it by phone.

Cancellation is free of charge.
However, if you do not cancel a journey and do not make use of it, you must pay the travel costs.

If you have a valid season ticket (e.g. monthly travelcard, Netzticket 3-6-5, annual school travelcard or Deutschlandticket), you only pay the convenience surcharge of 1 euro.

You can save your season ticket in the app. To do this, you will find a "Public transport ticket" slider during the booking process, which you move to the right-hand position. The app remembers the last setting you selected. Make sure that your season ticket is always up to date.

There is space for 7 passengers in the vehicles, if you are travelling with a group of more than 7 people, the transport will take place one after the other.

The vehicles are not barrier-free. Walking frames and pushchairs can be taken on board, provided they can be folded up and stowed in the vehicle.

Wheelchairs cannot be transported in the vehicles used.

Each vehicle has the following child seats:

  • ECE-approved child seat from the cybex brand with side impact protection and reclining headrest - suitable for children from approx. 3 to approx. 12 years (15 to 36 kg);
  • ECE-approved booster seat for children with a height of 135 - 150cm.

You can also bring your own infant carriers or child seats, provided they have an ISOFIX-compatible attachment. It is possible to bring pushchairs as long as they can be folded and stowed in the vehicle.

The carriage of dogs is limited to guide dogs and therapy dogs.

If several passengers have a similar journey, they will board on the booked route. It is therefore possible to make a small diversions to pick up additional passengers. There is space for 7 passengers in the vehicle.

You can change your phone number yourself in the app in the "personal area" (swipe right on the home screen). If you still have access to an end device with the old phone number, change the phone number in the app. You will then be logged out automatically. If you want to log in again, you will receive a code to your new phone number. Enter this code and you will be unlocked again.

You no longer have access to your old telephone number? Then please contact our customer service.

Legal matters